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Who We Are

MRAF MembersThe Make the Road Action Fund, builds political power rooted in working class Latino communities, promotes policy solutions that improve the lives of all New Yorkers, and strengthens the movement for justice through electoral and grassroots organizing to advance progressive political and policy change in New York State.

The Action Fund builds on more than a decade of work by Make the Road New York, the largest community-based participatory immigrant organization in New York City. Today, Make the Road New York has over 15,000 dues paying members, primarily Latino immigrants, and active bases of community power in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. Make the Road New York is one of New York’s most dynamic and high-impact grassroots organizations and a leader in many of the battles to protect the rights of workers, expand affordable housing, improve public education, and uphold public accountability for New York’s low-income and immigrant communities.

Make the Road Action Fund will add new tools and infrastructure that a 501(c)(4) offers to continue building the power and influence of immigrant, low-income and working class New Yorkers.

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